SDS Solid Steel Awards 2021 - Associated Electric


In 2021, Vectorshades won second prize in SDS solid Steel awards in Industrial category.

Vectorshades detailed 130-ton dry ash conversion unit for Associate Electric. The addition to an existing power generation and transmission system facility featured large amount of miscellaneous steel, most notably a discharge chute made up of multiple plates in different planes welded together. Other unique features included wind curtain support steel and guard rails over seven feet tall with metal mesh attachments.

SDS Solid Steel Awards 2009 - Ben Sawyer Bridge


In 2009, Vectorshades won second prize in SDS solid Steel awards in commercial category.

Vectorshades Modeled the 500-ton approach spans and 375-ton swing bridge, which had more than 15,000 bolts and over 100 custom joints. After calculating the geometry for the approach spans, It was relatively simple to input the plate girders and diaphragm members. Even after a few geometry redevelopments, the framing was easily re-input into the model.

The latest enhancements added to SDS/2 were essential for the success for this project.